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We all are dealing with one thing or another, as we live in today's time. We need inner strength, mental clarity, wisdom and determination...things that only God has the insight and power to provide us with. I don't know how many times I have tried to make things work out my way and in my time frame...each time I have failed miserably. Does this sound a little like like you?  Don't feel bad, we were not meant to do things in our own little strength, our own little power.  God wants us to come to the realization that He is our provider, our source, the only one who can sustains us. Here at Biblically Speaking, our only desire is to help you find the joy and peace in the Lord,  that He wants you and I to have... Minister Yvonne

How to Sign up for  a group...

Just go to our contact page, select group wanted and fill out the contact form.  The counselor of that group will contact you soon. Be blessed!

Women's "The Way of Escape" Ministry

A Way of Escape Support Group was established to bring mental clarity and emotional relief to women who feel they are unloved, unappreciated, misused and abused due to past and present relationships encountered through-out thier lives. We want to reach women who are still battling with past hurts and anger issues and let them know there is a way out for them.

If any of what has been stated here applies to you, A Way of Escape is the group for you! There is no cost to join the group...Our only stipulation is that once you join, you actively participate in all of the group functions.

A Way of Escape has already
been made for you...Let us guide you along the way in discovering it!  Initially, the group will meet (1) Saturday per month.

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Men's "Taking it to The Streets" Ministry

This is a  ministry that reaches out to hurting men who are struggling mentally and emotionally and have given up or have almost given up on a better life for themselves.

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Soul Care

Your Life Matters!

SoulCare Ministry

Soul Care is a ministry where counselors meet one on one with individuals who are dealing with difficult issues and problems and are sincere and willing to be guided towards their greater self. 

Inspiration Corner

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"